Ordinary users of the platform on various resources and in Telegram channels are already trying to find out whether there are alternative sites like solaris6hl3hd66utabkeuz2kb7nh5fgaa5zg7sgnxbm3r2uvsnvzzad.onion where you can quickly buy stuff (such sites exist, but many of their users note that they lose to Hydra in efficiency and assortment). Others worry about the money that remained in their accounts in the darknet market, and wonder if they will be able to withdraw it after the resource is restored to working capacity.

solaris6hl3hd66utabkeuz2kb7nh5fgaa5zg7sgnxbm3r2uvsnvzzad onion

Practically no one seriously doubts that Hydra will return soon. This does not prevent the activation of small sites, which in recent months or even years have either remained in the shadow of Solaris, or actually did not work, remaining available on the darknet. The start (or resumption) of work was reported in two drug marketplaces, one of which operates throughout the country, the other — only in Moscow.

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